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International Women's Day 2024

Celebrating a Female-Led Business

Cravat Club Director Owner Jennifer Lane International Women's Day
Jenny celebrating her birthday in Hawaii


The 8th of March is International Women's Day, a global occasion honouring women's achievements, while assessing challenges still left to overcome. With this in mind, we'd like to cast a light on our own business. Cravat Club is led by female entrepreneur and one-woman whirlwind, Jennifer Lane.

Men's Fashion, a Woman's eye

Cravat Club Director Jennifer Lane Photo Shoot

Behind the scenes for one of Cravat Club's photo shoots 

Established in 2014, Cravat Club bears the distinction of being helmed by a woman. Jenny grew into the visionary force behind the brand and drove it ever-forward. Her vision of Cravat Club has been meticulously cultivated, bringing fine fabrics and classic patterns up to date with contemporary designs and colour palettes.With an extensive array of luxury silk accessories, she's allowed men to explore and enhance their fashion choices.

Through her dedication, Cravat Club has thrived, captivating customers across 70 countries and six continents, with famous faces such as Martin Freeman and the late Professor Stephen Hawking wearing the pieces. They're not just on film stars either, but actually in the movies themselves - Hugh Grant wears our Enlai silk cravat in his hilarious turn as the villain Phoenix Buchanan in Paddington 2. More recently, look out for our Raleigh silk cravat round the neck of Paterson Joseph as the scheming-but-stylish Slugworth in the latest Wonka movie. For any fans of the British comedy Peep Show, you may know him as Alan Johnson. 

An Entrepreneur's Work is Never Done

Jennifer Lane International Women's Day Cravat Club Business Owner Goodwood Revival 2023

Jenny showcasing Cravat Club and her gin at Goodwood Revival last year

At the heart of Cravat Club HQ, Jenny dons many hats. Beyond overseeing daily operations, she's the driving force behind every facet of the business, from managing stock, working with the silk mills and collaborating with designers, to orchestrating photo shoots (often acting as photographer herself) and curating collections. Beyond Cravat Club, Jenny is on a parallel journey with her other passion, Hidden Curiosities Gin. Driven by the desire to create a unique recipe for craft gin, both her London Dry and her Aranami Navy Strength have won prestigious awards, and are now stocked in the world-renowned Harrods.

Expression through Style

Cravat Club Silk Ascot Tie and Pocket Square

Cravat Club model wearing our Saeger cravat and Kaho Pocket Square 

Jenny's penchant for vibrant colours and playful prints permeates Cravat Club's designs. She champions fashion as self-expression, encouraging people to embrace their unique style regardless of age or gender. According to Jenny, experimenting with outfits can spark conversations and leave a lasting impression on people. At Cravat Club, every design mirrors Jenny's creativity and bold imagination, urging us all to embrace our adventurous sides.

Culture and Resilience

Cravat Club Director Jennifer Lane in Japan Hokkaido
Jenny enjoying her favourite matcha latte in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Japanese influences infuse Cravat Club's collections, a testament to Jenny's formative years spent living and working in Japan. Her fluency in Japanese and deep appreciation for its aesthetics bring this sensibility to the brand. From her childhood fascination with Japanese craftsmanship to her painstaking study of the language and culture,Her journey epitomises flexibility, creative thinking and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Jenny's influence on men's fashion embodies the spirit of International Women's Day, showcasing how far vision and determination can get you. A strong business sense, coupled with her restless creativity, makes Cravat Club what it is today. No matter how unconventional an idea seems, no matter how small the detail is, everything contributes to make Cravat Club what it is today.

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