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How You Style It: Our Well-Dressed Customers

Our customers certainly like to play with style, incorporating our silk cravats, ties, pocket squares, and scarves. Why not take a look at just a few of our customers across the globe, wearing our silk accessories their own way, for a little style inspiration?
London, England
Cravat Club Customer Tom London Arlo Silk Cravat
London-based actor Tom stylishly wears our ARLO red and white polka dot woven silk cravat. Paired with a tweed jacket, this timeless look would suit an array of social occasions and events.
Portland, Oregon, US
Cravat Club customer Cris Wears Our Felix Black and white polka dot cravat
Girls in tweed - Cravat Club customer Cris from Portland, Oregon completes her outfit with our FELIX black and white polka dot printed silk cravat. The contrasting textures and colours of the tweed waistcoat and silk cravat complement each other surprisingly well.
Chicago, US
Lorenzo Chicago Wearing Cravat Club cravat Kane
Lorenzo from Chicago certainly exudes style with our KANE woven silk cravat. Paired with a warm red tartan woollen jacket, this ensemble would be perfect for those beautiful Autumn days.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Customer Tume Tanzania Astraeus Paisley Silk Ascot Tie Cravat
Customer Tume in Tanzania seemlessly pairs gingham with paisley with our ASTRAEUS printed silk cravat. The vermilion orange-red works well with the blue in the shirt, and the beauty of paisley is it can be easily incorporated with patterned shirts or jackets.
London, England
Hidden Curiosities V Silk Scarf
 David from London has his style on point by adding a splash of colour to his suit with our HIDDEN CURIOSITIES V printed silk evening scarf. 
Wisconsin, US
Jake Wisconsin Helios Woven Silk Cravat Ascot Tie
Customer Jake from Wisconsin looking most sartorially elegant with our HELIOS woven silk cravat. Paired with a three-piece grey suit for work, the ascot and pocket square complete the ensemble for a stylish yet professional look.
Basingstoke, England
Customer cravat club hunter cravat yellow blue paisley silk ascot
Customer Gareth from Basingstoke keeps the autumnal chill out, yet exudes exceptional style with our HUNTER blue and yellow paisley woven silk cravat.
Arizona, US
Cravat Club Customer Raiden Silk pocket square
 Customer Fox from Arizona certainly knows how to pull off a semi-casual look with the right flair, and we love it. It's all about the finishing touches with our RAIDEN printed silk pocket square.
Basel, Switzerland
Cravat Club customer paisley silk cravat
Customer Tim from Basel in Switzerland mixes it up with denim and silk. Wearing our HAIK paisley woven silk cravat, paired with a denim jacket and fedora hat.
London, England
Black and white skulls woven silk cravat ascot tie
 Customer Wilfred in London lets our VICTOR black and white skulls woven silk cravat speak for itself by keeping it plain and simple. The striking design stands out nicely against a plain black shirt with three buttons undone at the neck to show more of the cravat.
Alberta, Canada 
Noah Cravat Customer Peter Canada
Our Canadian customer Peter looking very sharp and keeping cool in his suit. He donned NOAH woven silk cravat for a wedding in Arizona.
Assen, Netherlands
Maaten Netherlands Cassius Cravat Ascot Tie
Customer Maarten from the Netherlands looking most dapper in his pinstripe suit with our CASSIUS brown paisley woven silk cravat. 
Manchester, England
Rhys Paisley Silk Tie
 Colourburst - Gary from Manchester incorporates pink and purple with green and brown to liven up his woollen jacket. Our RHYS paisley printed silk tie complements our NAVIGATOR III nautical printed silk pocket square.
California, US
Cravat Club customer andy california xiaowen cravat
Customer Andy from San Jose in California, enjoyed his trip to Florence in Italy in style. Wearing our XIAOWEN red and blue printed silk ascot tie, perfectly paired with a brown linen suit and burgundy fedora.
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