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How to Style your Autumn Wardrobe

 How to improve your autumn and winter wardrobe - cravats for men

Style hounds rejoice - summer is over! While the warmer weather brings good moods and outdoor pursuits, it can be a tricky time to wear your best pieces. All that heat and humidity precludes stylish jackets and coats, as well as layered clothing. As the seasons change and the weather turns cooler, it's the perfect opportunity to look again at  your style, staying warm and comfortable while turning heads. 

In the darker months, autumnal shades and earth tones are your friend, with brighter or more vibrant colours best used as touches or accessories to your main outfit. Classic and practical are watchwords here, with an outdoor ruggedness meeting city-gent sophistication.

A silk cravat or ascot tie can be the ultimate accessory for men seeking both flair and warmth during the cooler season. Let’s delve into the ways in which a cravat is the perfect accessory for our cold and damp climate, and is the perfect companion to keep you warm and stylish.

Elegance and Sophistication

Autumn Winter Style Silk Cravats and ascots for men

Much as we regret to say it, there are situations that don’t call for a cravat. Thankfully, there are also many that do. Formal occasions, parties, dates, or even the office, a cravat worn with conviction can provide colour, flair and insouciance. Muted tones are the perfect canvas to express yourself with accessories. Worn as a statement piece, the ascot tie can provide drama in an otherwise sober outfit, while when blended in tastefully with your colour palette, you can wear it more lightly and subtly, giving your ensemble detail and keeping your neck in comfort.  

Across Generations

Autumn Winter Wardrobe for Men Silk Cravats and Ascot Ties

Autumnal clothes give an older man grace and a younger man seriousness. A well chosen coat, suit or accessory can make your look older or younger, as you require. When it comes to accessories, a well-made tie is your friend, especially at work, whereas a looser cravat indicates that work is done and it’s time for play. 

There is both a quintessential Englishness and a Mediterranean flair to a good cravat, with the traditional Sherlock Holmes-esque image of the ascot tie colliding headlong into its origins in Croatian buccaneers. Whether you want to project old-fashioned good taste or contemporary flair, the cravat can be your friend. Furthermore, Cravat Club’s huge range of designs runs from the traditional - polka-dots, paisleys, floral patterns - to the more outlandish - animal prints, rainforest themes and Japanese mythology. While you can certainly feel comfortable in business class, you can also look the part on a night out, should you choose!

For the Great Outdoors

Autumn Winter Wardrobe for Men

Autumn is the perfect time to get outside. Dog walks with the brisk air hitting your face, a leisurely stroll in the park, or a countryside jaunt are all great ways to enjoy the fall colours. The trees change gently and then all at once, log fires start burning and the nights draw in. You can almost feel nature’s rhythm slowing down.

As well as stylish, a silk cravat can be surprisingly rugged. Warm but naturally breathable, silk draped around your neck is the perfect thing to beat out the cold, having neither the weight and itch of wool nor the stickiness associated with manmade fibres. Excellent insulation is not at the expense of luxury, with our Grade A mulberry silk feeling decadent and gentle.

Autumn Winter style for men cravats ascot ties scarves

Style Tips for the Season

A polka dot cravat is a bona fide classic, which can be sombre or playful depending on how you wear it. A three piece suit can be made to look surprisingly casual when matched with the right cravat, such as the FELIX that our model wears here - 

Felix black and white polka dot cravat

Lighter colours invite you to be bold, with summer shades giving way to cold-weather chic. A simple shirt and jacket combo is lightened up here by the classic SILVANO cravat and brighter trousers, for a versatile and sprightly look - 

Silvano brown mint green polka dot cravat ascot tie for men

Sometimes a tie really is best. However, our SETH necktie has fun with all the seriousness, with a blue and pumpkin orange skull motif that works gloriously well with muted tones - 

Seth Orange Skulls silk tie for men

 A cravat with a classic pattern and a bold colour scheme can be the perfect marriage. Match the delicate pink paisley of the TULLY to a dark shirt and see the wonders it does to an otherwise sober outfit -

Tully pink blue paisley silk cravat for men

A delicate floral pattern over navy blue, the FLORENT ascot tie’s natural theme fits as perfectly into autumn as it does into summer. Match with an understated ensemble for a serious, grown up look -

Florent blue yellow white floral print silk cravat


Autumn is the perfect time to up your game with accessories. Versatile, luxurious and with a subtle flair, a cravat’s devil-may-care air might be the perfect finishing touch. Dress elegantly, effortlessly with us, and enjoy the rugged luxury of real silk.

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