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Hip to be Square - How to Wear a Pocket Square


One of the most persistent questions we get is “How do I wear a pocket square”. Well, dear reader, we hate to break it to you, but there is more than one way to wear a pocket square. 

You know the routine. Big occasion, big outfit - reach into the wardrobe for something nice you would not normally wear. And while some of us are lucky to be born clothes horses, not all of us feel at home in smarter, more formal wear. So how to pull it off? 

cravat club silk pocket square for men how to fold

Our answer to this might be counter-intuitive. You might think of pocket squares as a rarified garment, as something to break out only for the most demanding occasions. A wedding perhaps, or a day at the races. You might have visions of starched collars, of sweating for a photographer under the midday sun. Well, in truth, the trick is - don’t try too hard! Absolutely feel free to accessorise at will, but do it with a laissez-faire sort of attitude, an ease. 

cravat club how to fold a pocket square

When it comes to our pocket squares, you could try a simple puff fold, or even go for the Italian style - letting the whole thing hang out. While you can go as formal as you please, it is by no means obligatory. Our garments are expressly designed to make you look good, not to catch you out or to try and truss you up into something you don’t want to be. 

cravat club how to fold a silk pocket square puff fold

So there’s no need for any anxiety about whether you’re wearing it correctly or not. Keep it simple, and don’t get too fussy or complicated about it. Our high quality, hand-crafted silks are perfect to help you achieve that easy flair that can make the right outfit look like it truly belongs on your shoulders, to help you to express your individuality, not to try and hide it.

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