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Harmonising Accessories: A Guide to Pairing Cravats and Pocket Squares

Cravat Club harmonising accessories silk cravats ascot ties made in england 

When choosing your accessories, it’s not only good to think about how they relate to your outfit as a whole, it’s also a prudent idea to think of how they relate to each other. 

Our range is designed with exactly this in mind - whatever ascot tie you choose, you should be able to find a pocket square that works beautifully with it. Got a passion for paisley? Look at the detailing and see if there’s a colour there you can use. Think about what tones go with which; you don’t have to stick to the same shades necessarily. You can run with a contrast, or use cravats and pocket squares with the same feel for a harmonious outfit. You have choices!

A note on aesthetics - while some people find the matching effect to be just what they’re looking for, we would respectfully disagree; it’s better to make sure your silks complement each other rather than match directly. Think about colours and patterns, find common touches or use tones that work off each other for a fantastic final effect. Show a bit of guile in your choices, and the details pay off way more than you may realise.

As a quick shorthand, we have put together some cravats and pocket squares that we think work in perfect harmony together. You are, of course, not limited to these choices or suggestions, but this is a good introduction to how we go about choosing our accessories. So long as you have an eye for style, the only limit is your imagination, so express yourself and be courageous with your choices! 


Joaquin orange geometric printed silk cravat

Kissho Japanese goldfish silk pocket square for men

The glorious subtle orange and red tones in this Joaquin cravat work perfectly when picked out with the multiway Kissho pocket square. A versatile accessory, this handkerchief can be worn in many different ways to accentuate the colours in different outfits. We think that the orange and reds of the stunning Japanese print work in beautiful harmony with the restrained geometric pattern of the cravat.


Dustin red olive green polka dot printed silk cravat ascot tie

Aoi Japanese cranes printed silk pocket square

A simple and classic polka dot, a Dustin cravat is a dependable choice. When pairing polka dots of any sort, try picking out the accented colour rather than the base; for example, the crimsons and golds in the Aoi multiway pocket square are a perfect match, offsetting the restraint of the cravat with its dramatic pattern.


Souta Japanese koi carp printed silk cravat

Fusao Japanese Geisha Printed Silk Pocket Square

A beautiful print of Koi carp backed by gentle ripples of green and bronze, there are plenty of shades to play with in our Souta cravat. The multitude of earth tones on our Fusao multiway pocket square give you plenty of options when you wear the two together - perhaps not the obvious choice, but one that works incredibly well.


Santiago coral pink paisley silk cravat ascot tie

Cassian Red Pink Silk Pocket Square

Playful sherbert red and caramel colours intertwine in this Santiago classic paisley cravat, which would shine when paired with something darker, richer and more serious. Try the spectacular woven Cassian pocket square to bring out the deeper hues backing all that brightness, and let the subdued and subtle pattern bring out the best in the lighter paisley.


Enlai grey pink oriental style printed silk cravat ascot tie

Frey blue navy silk pocket square for men

The deep and rich purples and navy blues here are too good to waste, so we suggest complementing rather than contrasting. Try the Enlai grey printed silk cravat with the woven Frey pocket square for a luxurious spin on the same theme, with deep blues and electric oranges to pick out the patterns. 


Fai Green Oriental style printed silk ascot tie cravat

Navigator IV fisherman printed silk pocket square 

While the subtle interplay of blue and green in this Fai cravat gives it much of its mood, we think that the gold is doing the heavy lifting, picking out all the detail. Try the multiway Navigator IV pocket square for its wide-ranging use of yellow and gold, giving you plenty of ways to wear this natural pairing together.


Enrique green and orange paisley silk cravat

Bryn green and yellow paisley silk pocket square

Moss, mustard and cinnamon give you a palette of earth tones, perfectly suited to autumn and spring weather with this Enrique cravat. To match this, and to bring out the brighter undertones, we suggest the fabulous Bryn pocket square, bristling with umber and yellow over a forest green background. Definitely neighbours in the same town, stylistically speaking.


Aoki japanese dragons printed silk ascot tie cravat

Flint grey and pink polka dot printed silk pocket square

A strident print at any time, the pink-over-navy dragons in our Aoki cravat take some beating when you want to wear something confident. Bring out the delicate shades with a classic polka dot, as in our beautiful pink and slate grey Flint pocket square. A powerful and modern print, paired with a refined and timeless one.


Should you need any more inspiration or advice on pairing a cravat, tie or scarf to a pocket square, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be more than happy to assist and send over some suggestions, to help make your online shopping with Cravat Club that much easier.


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