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Cravat Club Halloween Skulls Silk Cravat Ascot Tie Beard Tattoos

Embrace the spirit this Halloween; look frightfully on point with our spooky skulls & autumnal hues. Why not peruse our handpicked selection of silk cravats, scarves, ties and pocket squares for men, expertly handcrafted in England from the finest grade silk. Here are some of our personal favourites below...


SETH Woven Silk Tie

Seth Blue Orange Skulls Silk Necktie

IVAN Printed Silk Cravat

Ivan Green Pocket Watches Pattern Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

RAMPAGE Woven Silk Cravat

Rampage Red Mint Green Skulls Woven Silk Cravat

TAKEO Woven Silk Cravat

Takeo Green Blue Japanese Crests Woven Silk Cravat

VICTOR Woven Silk Cravat

Victor Black White Skulls Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

MIHARU Printed Silk Pocket Square

Miharu Japanese Geisha Printed Silk Pocket Square

THE HUNTSMAN Printed Silk Scarf

The Huntsman Bear Fish Printed Silk Scarf

VARTAN Woven Silk Cravat

Vartan Navy Green Pink Floral Botanical Cravat

INDIANA Printed Silk Cravat

Indiana Orange Khaki Polkadot Printed Silk Cravat

ZIAN Printed Silk Cravat 

Zian Green Oriental Chinese Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

THE HUNTSMAN VII Printed Silk Scarf

The Huntsman VII Green Bear Salmon Fishing Printed Silk Scarf

VITTORIO Woven Silk Tie

Vittorio Red Silk Tie

KAHO Printed Silk Pocket Square

Kaho Japanese Goldfish Printed Silk Pocket Square

ROMAIN Printed Silk Cravat

Romain Purple Paisley Printed Silk Cravat

BRYN Printed Silk Cravat

BRYN Green Yellow Paisley Printed Silk Cravat

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