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浮世絵 Pictures of the Floating World: Gods & Demons

Step into the realm of ancient Japanese mythology with Cravat Club's newest collection of stunning printed silk pocket squares: Gods & Demons 

Gods & Demons Japanese ancient mythology ukiyo-e silk pocket squares for men

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, each piece is a hand-drawn masterpiece, featuring Japanese motifs both ancient and modern. Translated as Pictures of the Floating World, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints have long enchanted art enthusiasts. With their portrayal of life's essence, expressed with Japan's cultural nuances, they are an iconic and coveted artform.

This collection delves into the intricate tapestry of Japanese myth, where gods and demons engage in an eternal dance of light and darkness. Rooted deeply in the country's folklore, these entities embody the essence of human virtues and vices, destined to never ending battle with each other. Hand drawn with precision by Japanese artist Yusuke Aoki, each printed silk handkerchief encapsulates a profound theme from the realm of myth and superstition, inviting the wearer on a journey of discovery.

Gods & Demons Japanese Mythology Ukiyoe Silk Pocket Squares for Men

The pantheon of Japanese gods, known as kami 神, contains a diverse array of deities, each revered for their unique powers and attributes. From the benevolent guardians of nature to the enigmatic figures of creation and wisdom, these divine beings hold sway over both the natural world and human destiny. Their stories are steeped in ancient traditions, weaving together myths of creation, love and heroic exploits that have endured through the ages.

Gods & Demons Japanese Mythology Ukiyoe Silk Pocket Squares

IZUMO IV Silk Pocket Square

In the tale of Izumo, the primordial gods descended from the heavens to establish order and bestow their blessings upon humanity. 

By contrast, the realm of demons, or oni 鬼, embodies the darker facets of human existence, personifying malevolence, temptation and chaos. These formidable entities lurk in the shadows, giving form to the primal fears and desires of mortals. Yet they also serve as harbingers of caution and agents of personal growth, challenging individuals to confront their inner demons and to overcome adversity.

Gods & Demons Japanese Mythology Ukiyoe Printed Silk Pocket Squares

YORIMITSU IV Silk Pocket Square

The tale of Minamoto no Yorimitsu and Shoten Dōji is a classic Japanese folk tale, recounting the legendary confrontation between the renowned samurai Minamoto no Yorimitsu and the formidable demon king, Shoten Doji.

This captivating collection of silk pocket squares invites you through the depths of the Japanese imagination. Each design captures the essence of these mythical beings, evoking wonder and reverence for the timeless tales that continue to shape Japan's cultural identity.

Hannya Japanese Demon Mythology Ukiyoe Silk Pocket SquareHANNYA I Silk Pocket Square

The Hannya demon is a prominent figure in Japanese folklore and traditional Noh theatre. Its tale unfurls around a woman ensnared by jealousy and wrath, transforming into a demonic entity known as Hannya.

Exclusive to Cravat Club, our Gods & Demons silk handkerchiefs have been masterfully hand-drawn in Kanagawa, Japan, then handcrafted with care in England - with exceptional quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Clothe yourself in the essence of Japanese mystique and embrace the timeless allure of this exciting new collection.

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