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Father's Day: Give Your Dad the Gift of Style

Father's Day Gifts For Men Cravat Club Silk Accessories Made in England

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect chance to show your father some love. We think that having a chance to celebrate fathers, fatherhood and positive male role models is a wonderful thing, giving your Dad, husband or grandfather an opportunity to feel appreciated. You can show him that you notice all the things he does. 

Father’s Day in the UK came into existence sometime after the second world war, and while the day is sometimes derided as a “Hallmark holiday”, it actually has its origins in the Middle Ages. The catholic celebration of St Joseph’s Day is said to be the origin of the modern Father’s Day in Europe, honouring the influence of fathers and paternal figures in society. Any modern meaning is derived from a tradition that is much, much older.

Father's Day Cravat Club Gifts For Men

There are traditional routes when thinking of a gift for Father’s Day. For example, is your Dad sports mad? Does he love his classic cars? Perhaps he’s more of a foodie or (ahem) a wine connoisseur? Playing on all of these can make great gifts and are well trodden paths for a reason. If, however, you are looking for something different for him, Cravat Club might just have the perfect thing. Our cravats, pocket squares and silk scarves not only look beautiful, they can be the perfect surprise gift, and will last for many Father’s Days to come. 

But which to choose? Let us give you a little run down of the way we’d play it…


For the Discerning Dad with Timeless Taste

Father's Day Cravat Club Gifts For Dad

Is your Dad as unchanging as the mountains, unaffected by fads and trends? These are some of our undisputed classics, perfect for formal occasions or casual dressing. However he styles these items, he’ll look every inch the perfect and distinguished gentleman.

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The Dandy Dad with a Peacock's Flair 

Father's Day Gifts For Him - Menswear Mens Luxury Accessories

If your Dad is daring and with a flair for the unusual, some of our most strident and eye-catching ascot designs may be just the thing. Help him stand out from the crowd and express his style and confidence, and give him something to really show off.

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Because Rock & Roll Never Dies...

Father's Day Gifts For Him - Daddy Cool

If your Dad still has the spirit of rebellion running through his veins, this collection of rabble-rousing rock and roll inspired designs will send his youth flooding back. Pairing beautifully with a leather jacket or a sharp pinstripe, these silks look fantastic in any context.

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Mirror His Interests

Any man, especially one of a certain age, needs a hobby. Does your Dad have a guiding passion? Perhaps he spends any spare minute he gets pursuing something or other? With our huge range of beautiful prints, you can get him something entirely appropriate to his true love.

If he loves The Great Outdoors -

Father's Day Gifts For Him Cravat Club Silk Accessories

If your Dad is an outdoorsman and likes nothing more than being out in the wild, we have many choices for him. With prints of beautiful birds, seafaring derring-do and wild animals in their habitats, you can easily evoke the world beyond the garden wall. Try our Kouki cravat or Aki pocket square for images of majestic Japanese cranes, the Huntsman VI silk scarf for a really stylish finish, or the Navigator pocket squares for the keen sailor. All will reflect your father’s wild spirit.


If he’d rather be in the garden - 

Cravat Club Father's Day Gifts For Him Made in England

If your Dad takes great pride and joy in his garden, we have many designs that might catch his eye. A classic floral print such as our Florent cravat, or a more elaborate design such as the Akhtar evoke rows of flowers in bloom. Or perhaps a refined Japanese garden is more his speed? A gentle pool of koi carp swim in our Souta and Hinata cravats to give a calm and dignified bearing to any outfit, or maybe try a Yuji cravat to evoke cherry blossom. Perfect if your Dad prefers his great outdoors a little closer to home.

If he loves the creative arts - 

Cravat Club Father's Day Gifts For Him

If your Dad is more of a music lover or artistic type, then we absolutely have the silk accessories to match. Fly your freak flag high with our Victor silk tie, opulent Aranami pocket square or Watatsumi cravat. These designs will really make your Dad stand out from the crowd. If you’d rather a more delicate and reserved look, one of our fine-arts inspired designs may be perfect, such as our Goutan or Yukari pocket squares. Our silk accessories are perfect for those with an artistic disposition, so don’t be afraid to be creative with your choice!

Remember Who You’re Buying For

Father's Day Gifts For Dad Ascot Ties Cravats Pocket Squares Scarves

Even more important than our suggestions are that you consider what your Dad likes or dislikes. Imagine picking the right design, in the wrong colour! A nightmare scenario. Also consider whether he’s the type to dress up or to dress down and what items of clothing he’s likely to pair his fine silk accessory with. Take into account his tastes and wants (and take the time to browse our collection…) and this will help you pick out the perfect gift.

So be bold and be adventurous this Father’s Day - make his day with a finely crafted gift from Cravat Club.

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