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Hybrid Working: Power Dressing with a Necktie

Hybrid Work - Power Dressing with Neckties

The modern work landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, with the wide adoption of hybrid working – a harmonious blend of remote convenience and in-office dynamism.

As we navigate this new reality, the role of work attire has evolved, and alongside it, the perception of the venerable necktie. Once a cornerstone of professional ensembles, these sartorial treasures have made something of a graceful retreat in recent times.

Yet, beneath the surface, a compelling resurgence brews, with their value being rediscovered for hybrid workspaces. Let us take you on a journey, to decode how these silk marvels wield the power to shape your mindset, elevate your professional stature, and elegantly distil your identity in the workplace.

The Evolution of Work Attire

Hybrid Working for Men Fashion

Picture an office, where the dress code has evolved from rigid suits and ties to a dynamic harmony of formal and laid-back. The advent of hybrid work has introduced a flexible rhythm to the office environment, enabling professionals to embrace a business-casual look for their remote interactions. The necktie, once a symbol of formality, has stepped back from the fashion spotlight in this context. Yet, its appeal endures, remaining an essential element of a well put-together ensemble.

The Power of Making an Effort

Hybrid Working - Power Dressing with Neckties

The way you dress might hold the key to your best mindset and productivity. Studies suggest that putting a tad more thought into your appearance can be the spark that ignites a successful workday. When you step into your professional armour, you're not simply getting dressed – you're setting the stage for a productive day ahead. When you dress professionally, you signal to yourself that it's time to transition into work mode. This transformation in mindset can lead to increased focus, better task execution, and an overall more impressive work performance.

The Professional Touch

Hybrid Working Power Dressing with Neckties for Men

Enter the tie – a timeless touch that radiates professionalism and a dash of confidence. Slipping on a tie, even in a hybrid work environment, speaks volumes about your commitment and your meticulous approach. Whether you're heading into the office for an important meeting or diving into a virtual conference call, a thoughtfully selected tie wields the power to transform how others see you.

Power Dressing

Hybrid Work Model Men's Silk Ties Attire Power Dressing

If the thought of bringing neckties back into your work wardrobe has already crossed your mind, let us introduce you to our collection of exquisite hand-crafted silk ties. These aren't your run-of-the-mill accessories; they're meticulously designed pieces that seamlessly blend the best of timeless class and contemporary style.

Elegance: When you opt for one of our woven silk ties from Cravat Club, you're making a style statement. The intricate patterns and the sumptuous feel of silk work together to turn up your appearance's sophistication dial, making you stand out in any professional setting. 

Individuality: Work attire doesn't have to be monotonous. Our silk ties offer an avenue for self-expression. Whether your taste leans toward understated geometry or a daring eye-catching design, your tie is your canvas.

Confidence: The right tie has the power to boost your confidence. When you feel well-dressed and put-together, you naturally carry yourself with more assurance. This newfound confidence can translate into more productive meetings, effective communication and improved work relationships. It's a cliché, sure, but confidence works.

Leave an impression: The woven silk tie isn't just a detail; it speaks volumes about your attention to detail, and about your respect for the work environment. Whether you're physically in the office or conferencing virtually, your professionalism will be seen, with your well-chosen tie an emblem of your professional identity.


Take a look at our top 5 silk ties to make an impression within the hybrid workplace...


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Havardr Pink Cream Paisley Silk Tie for Men 



Tatsuo Brown Orange Silk Tie for Men



Dustin Red Olive Green Polka Dot Printed Silk Tie for Men




Kane Blue Green Orange Geometric Woven Silk Tie for Men


Show Your True Colours

Cravat Club Hybrid Working: Power Dressing with a Necktie

In the dynamic landscape of hybrid working, the necktie is experiencing a powerful revival. The right tie isn't just an accessory; it's a mindset-shifter, a confidence-booster, and a surefire way to enhance your professional image. It seems that they never really go out of fashion.

Think of our range of silk ties as your gallery - an array of things that say something about you. As you embark on your daily work adventure, don't underestimate the magic a well-chosen tie can weave. It's a style statement, your secret power, and your ticket to conquering the hybrid office with flair.


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