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Dopamine Dressing - Look Good, Feel Great

Dopamine Dressing Cravat Club Silk Accessories for Men

Embrace the lure of bold patterns and confident gestures and project the true you. Feel good and look even better, with an inner confidence that shines.

As we leave the bitter cold of winter’s icy clutches, it’s time to allow yourself a little fun. With the pastel shades and joyful-yet-subtle prints of spring, your wardrobe is a fantastic place to start. A change in weather means you’re able to get outside and get some fresh air again - perfect for getting the feel-good hormones racing round your body.

The power of dopamine 

Dopamine Chemical

Photo Credit: Indiana Public Media

Dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter that is synthesised by our bodies, plays an important role in our lives. In popular culture, it’s generally known as the “chemical of pleasure” that makes you feel good. In pharmacological terms, it might be more accurately put as “conferring motivational salience” - the feeling of satisfaction you can feel from achieving something. Whether that’s driving fast, walking among the trees, finishing the crossword or listening to your favourite music, dopamine drives us towards things that we want.

One look at the news will tell us that it’s not the cheeriest of times right now. So how do we find the get-up-and-go we need, the strength to be our best selves? Dopamine dressing may be the answer.

But what is dopamine dressing?

Dopamine Dressing for Men Colourful Suits Style OutfitsPhoto Credit: The Guardian

It’s true that these buzzwords can feel very vague and inexact. When we say “dopamine dressing”, we really mean using style to make yourself feel good. Not only does this raise your game for everyone to see, you’ll also radiate an inner confidence that you might not have felt otherwise. Usually, the term refers to bold, strident outfits, often featuring brighter colours or more confident prints and designs. However, it’s not limited to this - it’s more that it brings out the best in you.

Feel good and be yourself

Dopamine Dressing Aranami Japanese Dragons Silk Scarf

Feeling good in your clothes is one thing, but we don’t quite mean those comfortable joggers you like to do the gardening in. It’s about emphasising the positive and giving your style a lift, helping you to feel good and to give out (for want of a better phrase) good energy. We all know someone that just lights up a room, that seems to make people happy to see them. Dopamine dressing can help you to be that person. What’s more, in the grey winter and early spring, daring to wear a bit of colour can be a real mood enhancer, helping to shake off some of those cold-weather blues.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Dopamine Dressing Suit Work Workwear Men's Fashion Style Tie Necktie

This is twofold. Dressing the part can often mean embodying it, with a more confident dress style leading you to make more confident decisions and have that little edge of self-assurance. It can also help you to give out more of what you feel inside, helping you meet challenges and feel better about your own abilities. It sounds silly, but truly dressing like you mean it can do wonders for your confidence.

You don’t need a reason to dress up

Dopamine Dressing Men's Accessories Silk Cravat

While dressing well can help you feel more confident and professional, ultimately it’s about YOU and what YOU feel inside. The entire idea is for you to feel better and more confident, so don’t be cowed by timid notions of what you should and shouldn’t be wearing. Choose according to the look you want and the image you want to give off, and your mood will almost certainly take a turn for the better.

We can’t promise it will make you more attractive (but it probably will)

Dopamine Dressing Wearing Colourful Suits

We can’t all be blessed with the perfect cheekbones or rock hard abs in middle age. We can all make the most of what we have. So much of attractiveness, appeal and charisma comes from within, and dopamine dressing can help to give you access to your true self-worth. Remember we are not talking about cockiness or arrogance; more an assurance or an acceptance of one’s self that is undeniably intriguing to those around you. This also applies to longstanding lovers, who might just find something rekindled in them. Again, we’re not promising to work miracles, but one thing is certainly true - dressing well just works.

Cravat Club can help

Cravat Club Dopamine Dressing Colourful Silk Pocket Squares

With bold prints, a kaleidoscope of colour, beautiful fabrics and an elegant cut, Cravat Club’s catalogue is your friend when pursuing that much-needed feel-good factor. Perfect for a subtle style touch, or well suited to going all out for something special, below are some pieces to really get the blood flowing…

Eikki silk cravat

Eikki Orange Blue Silk Cravat for Men

This pastel orange cravat with navy and yellow touches is the epitome of dopamine dressing. Matching very well with a dark blue jacket or a white shirt, it’s a deft and elegant touch.

Waylon silk cravat

Waylon Pink Grey Bison Skulls Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

Named for the outlaw country legend, this macho Western skull motif is offset by its pastel pink backing. Witty and great for adding a bit of levity to a serious outfit, you don’t even need a rhinestone suit to complete the outfit…

Aranami silk pocket square

Aranami Japanese dragons Silk Pocket Square for Men

Meaning “raging wave” in Japanese, and commissioned for the award-winning Hidden Curiosities navy-strength gin, this large silk pocket square is something of a show-stopper. With its spectacular hand-drawn dragon motif and riotous pinks, purples and jade greens, it would be very difficult to not feel in top condition wearing this. Strictly limited.

Deco Island Dawn silk scarf

Deco Island Dawn Silk Scarf for Men

This art-deco inspired scarf isn’t just the perfect finishing touch; it is the outfit. In butterscotch yellow with resplendent toucans and tropical touches, this is one to project confidence to one and all. 

Gojun silk cravat

Gojun Blue Yellow Brown Japanese Dragons Silk Cravat for Men

Our dragon-motif cravats are among our best sellers, giving a hit of Japanese exotica while finishing off an ensemble perfectly. This powder blue ascot with detailing in browns and yellows gives you elegance with a wry smile, perfect for a feel-good touch to your evening.

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