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Date Night: How to Dress Well This Valentine's Day

Debonair Dressing: Wardrobe Essentials for Valentine's Day- A smart-casual look can be perfect for a date. Pairing a blazer with a plain white shirt, chinos or plain trousers in a contrasting colour will make your outfit appear less formal, but still look like you’ve put in effort. Top it off with one of our printed silk cravats and/or pocket square for that essential finishing touch.

As Valentine's Day approaches and your romantic rendezvous looms on the horizon, you may be wondering how to make the best first impression. It may be that you don't have quite the right thing, or that all your good outfits have been done to death? If so, it might be time to inject some freshness into your wardrobe. Whether your own ensembles are feeling a bit lacklustre or you're envisioning someone special who would shine in something new, a little wardrobe upgrade can work wonders for your upcoming date. Looking good means feeling good, and adding a touch of elegance with a quality silk accessory can subtly communicate your sense of style and sophistication. Definitely things you want to emphasise.

Boreas Purple Green Paisley Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men- Complement your cravat with a silk pocket square in contrasting colours and patterns, picking out other elements from your attire. It’s far more sartorially elegant to mis-match your cravat and square, rather than going for a matching set. Pick some appropriate colours for your overall outfit and you’re sure to look good.

If you're not accustomed to this level of sartorial preparation, nerves might be creeping in. Whether you're embarking on a new romance or have been together for years, it's tempting to procrastinate until the eleventh hour. However, taking a bit of time to plan your outfit beforehand ensures you project confidence and comfort on your date, allowing you to present the best version of yourself. Putting in that extra effort will ultimately enhance the experience for both of you.

Debonair Dressing: Wardrobe Essentials for Valentine's Day- If you want to really impress your date and go all out with a suit and tie, we recommend one of our classic woven silk ties. Iridescent and luxurious, our woven silk ties are a classic yet contemporary touch. If you (or your date) is someone that really notices the details, this will help you stand out from the crowd.

Anyone can throw on a smart outfit, but it's the finer details that truly distinguish your look. Quiet confidence speaks volumes, and a well-chosen accessory - a pop of colour or a subtle accent - can set you apart from the crowd of mundane suitors. Our finely crafted silk accessories serve one purpose; to help you express yourself. Whether it's a silk cravat, tie, evening scarf, or simply a pocket square, these finishing touches convey thoughtfulness and attention to detail without overshadowing your date's wardrobe choices (hugely important!)

Men's Silk Accessories Made in England- One of our stunning printed silk evening scarves is the perfect statement piece for your upcoming Valentine's date. Paired with a plain white shirt and either smart jeans or trousers, it transforms any simple outfit and creates intrigue with its unique design and colours, along with an air of sophistication. It’s a talking point all by itself and truly opulent.

Consider the venue of your date, for example, whether it's an upscale restaurant or a cosy pub, and dress accordingly. Regardless of the setting, accessorising with a silk piece adds polish and sophistication to your ensemble, effortlessly lifting your style. With our diverse range of patterns and colours, you can curate a look that resonates with your personal taste, sparks conversation and leaves a lasting impression. If you want to impress, this might be exactly what you're looking for.

Astraeus Red Vermillion Paisley Silk Cravat for MenWith the right design (usually a paisley or other simple pattern), cravats can be worn with both plain and patterned shirts, and can be dressed accordingly. If your date is a less dressy affair, a casual fitted shirt and knitted cardigan would work very well indeed.

Explore our Valentine's Day collection to find the perfect finishing touch, for your romantic evening and beyond.

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