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Dark & Mysterious - Ancient Madder Collection

Ancient Madder Silk Cravats Scarves Ascot Ties for Men Made in England

With an array of deep and powerful designs, inspired by ancient dyeing techniques, we are pleased to introduce our Ancient Madder Collection. Strictly limited and very luxurious, this rich, dark and moody selection makes the most of the deep tones that only madder silk gives you. Fully hand screen-printed, these products give every outfit a breath of decadence.

Otranto Blue Paisley Ancient Madder Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for MenOtranto Cravat

Based on a method dating back millenia, the madder process produces colour combinations that are simply not replicable by any other means. The natural dye process imparts a richness of colour that inspired us to create this beautiful limited run. The finish of madder silks is rather special too - the fabric gains an incredible softness, lustre, and durability, with a buttery-soft sheen known as “chalk hand” for its dense, dry and luxurious feel.

Kazimir Orange Gold Yellow Paisley Ancient Madder Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for MenKazimir Cravat

Some history - madder, or rubia tinctorum root, was used for dyeing linen fabrics in ancient Egypt, as well as wool and silk fabrics in ancient Rome. By drying, fermenting, or a treatment with acids, the root produces a colourless but reactive liquid. When mixed with an alkaline solution, it gives a bold and vibrant natural red dye. This was the basis for the bright colours seen thousands of years ago in ancient India, and is mentioned later by Pliny the Elder and Hildegard of Bingen. 

Callahan Geometric Pattern Ancient Madder Silk Cravat for MenCallahan Cravat

“Ancient Madder” pays homage to the historical roots of this process; the silk, soaked in vats of indigo dye, undergoes a time-consuming and expensive transformation, resulting in deep, oversaturated colours and its signature dry, dusty handle. The process is a well-guarded secret, known only to a select few who appreciate the artistry behind these accessories.

Tozier Red Paisley Ancient Madder Silk Cravat Ascot Tie Scarf for MenTozier Cravat

Madder accessories are something of an anomaly in the world of menswear. They’re relatively unknown to the general public, yet revered by sartorial enthusiasts. They’re classic and distinctive, but most can’t tell you where the name comes from, or quite why they’re so unique. Madder prints can contain extravagant colours and strong combinations, and yet its moody bearing and subtle overtones ensure that the end product is never overbearing. They are a sumptuous and unmistakable alternative to the norm. 

Randall Green Yellow Paisley Madder Silk Ascot Tie CravatRandall Cravat

Pairing beautifully with a business suit, with autumnal and winter colours or a full overcoat, these silks are truly the last word in subtle styling. If you crave the dark side, or want something to deepen your look, our limited-edition Ancient Madder Collection will be your greatest ally.

Ancient Madder Silk Cravats Ascot Ties Scarves for Men

Since the launch of our Ancient Madder Collection, these luxurious silks have flown off the shelves and are close to selling out. With this unprecendented popularity in mind, we have recently added some new designs to our growing collection, with new patterns and colourways to enrich your wardrobe. The in-demand Madder Collection is available to reserve on pre-order now.

The Ancient Madder Collection cravats are hand-printed in England by one of the last remaining traditional silk mills. Hand screen-printed using environmentally sound techniques and chemicals. Strictly limited edition in small quantities. 

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