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Cravat Club x Goodwood Revival 2022

Goodwood Revival 2022 Vintage Car Racing Cravat Club

We are pleased to announce that Cravat Club will be in attendance at this year’s Goodwood Revival! This will be our 8th year at the festival, and each year we have become more and more established, with customers returning to browse our fine silk accessories every year. We absolutely adore the atmosphere, and have been counting down the days since last year.

If you’re a fan of motorsports, classic engineering or vintage fashions, The Goodwood Revival will be a huge date on the calendar. Taking place at the sprawling Goodwood Motor Circuit outside Chichester in England, the annual event is a magnet for car enthusiasts everywhere. The event’s focus is classic cars and machines, with a decidedly vintage dress sense encouraged. While it is not absolutely mandatory, attendees are very much encouraged to dress up, and to wear something in keeping with the atmosphere of the whole festival. 

With races, events and the finest selection of vintage motors in Europe, there is plenty to hold a racing fan’s attention over the weekend. As well as land vehicles, there is also a section dedicated to classic aircraft, with this year having a special focus on elegant and rarely-seen historic aeroplanes. If you’re an aerospace fan, or simply have a love of beautiful machines, this section is for you. There is barely time to breathe between world-class events, featuring rare and timeless classics.

Goodwood Revival 2022 Vintage Car Racing Festival

If you’re more interested in the fashion side of the festival, you will not be disappointed. As well as re-igniting fashions of the past, there is also an emphasis on Revive & Thrive this year - a celebration of sustainable and recycled fashion. We’re great believers that good quality clothes are built to last, and that fast fashion is not just bad for the environment, it’s bad for your wardrobe. Choose a few key pieces carefully, and they will serve you well, never going out of style.

Goodwood Revival Vintage Style Fashion for Men 2022 Cravat Ascot Tie

A cravat, tie or pocket square, made with care from the finest silk, is a great example of what we’re talking about. A cravat is the perfect way to finish off a vintage-inspired outfit, or even add a flourish to a plain jacket or shirt. If formal isn’t your style, try one accompanied with a leather jacket, boots and jeans for a look both rugged and classic. If you have a favourite outfit that is just in need of a little interest, or if you put one jacket to work in different looks, then a cravat or pocket square is an incredibly easy and stylish way to lend some variation. Give your imagination free reign and experiment; you may find a new you!

Zephyrus paisley silk cravat Goodwood Revival 2022 Vintage fashion for men

In short, if you’re a fan of vintage machines and beautiful fashions, we highly recommend a visit to the Goodwood Revival. And if you’re already an enthusiast and have your tickets in hand, please do come and visit the Cravat Club stand at the festival. It’s a great chance for us to meet our customers, and to see how stylishly our fine accessories work in context.

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Where: Goodwood Revival Festival, Goodwood Motor Circuit

Stand 43, Trackside Area (High Street)

When: 16th-18th September 2022

We hope to see you there. We can hardly wait!

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