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Contrast & Complement

As you may know, perfectly matching your pocket square to your cravat can be considered unbecoming. It's often considered more elegant for your cravat and pocket square to carry contrasting patterns or designs, picking out similar colours so your silk accessories complement each other.

Here at Cravat Club, we're advocates for helping you look like a well-dressed gentleman, and making you feel good, so let us offer you some gentle guidance; here are our cravat and pocket square pairing suggestions, taken from our Spring and Summer 2021 collection. 


Fujin Cravat with Aranami Pocket Square

Fujin Leopard Print Cravat

Fujin Leopard Print Silk Cravat

Aranami Dragon Silk Pocket Square 


Naoki Cravat with Deco Island Night Pocket Square

Naoki Blue Brown Printed Silk Cravat

Naoki Blue Brown Japanese Cravat Ascot Tie

Deco Island Night Pocket Square


Ambrosio Cravat with Goutan Pocket Square

Ambrosio Orange Floral Woven Silk Cravat

Ambrosio Orange Silk Cravat

Goutan Japanese Kabuki Pocket Square 

William Cravat with The Navigator IV Pocket Square 

William Cream Brown Floral Silk Cravat

William Floral Cravat

The Navigator IV Pocket Square 

Earl Cravat with Deco Island Day Pocket Square 

Earl Blue Orange Geometric Silk Cravat Earl Blue Orange Geometric Silk Cravat

Deco Island Day Toucan Printed Silk Pocket Square


Takao Cravat with Aki Pocket Square

Takao Japanese Burgundy Yellow Pattern Silk Cravat

Takao Burgundy Yellow Japanese Crests Ascot Tie Cravat

Aki Cranes Birds Japanese Pocket Squares Cravats


Wataru Cravat with Miharu Pocket Square

Wataru Japanese Cravat

Wataru Green Silver Japanese Cravat Ascot Tie

Miharu Japanese Green Geisha Silk Pocket Square


Tavish Cravat with Renjo Pocket Square

Tavish Pink Paisley Silk Cravat

Tavish Pink Yellow Grey Paisley Woven Silk Cravat Ascot Tie Renjo Grey Pink Japanese Goldfish Pocket Square Handkerchief


Kehar Cravat with Deco Island Sunrise Pocket Square

Kehar Tiger Pattern Silk Cravat

Kehar Tiger Pattern Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Deco Island Sunrise Yellow Orange Silk Pocket Square


Thomas Cravat with Deco Island Dusk Pocket Square

Thomas Pink Blue Green Paisley Silk Cravat

Thomas Blue Green Pink Paisley Silk Cravat Ascot Tie Deco Island Dusk Pink Silk Pocket Square


Hu Cravat with Yufuku Pocket Square

HU Pink Tigers Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

HU Pink Blue Brown Tigers Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Yufuku Japanese Kabuki Print Silk Pocket Square Handkerchief


Atsushi Cravat with Kaminari Pocket Square

Atsushi Black Red Yellow Floral Cravat

Atsushi Japanese Cherry Blossom Silk Cravat

Kaminari Japanese Kabuki Silk Pocket Square 

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