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Celebrating International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day on Wednesday 8th March, an annual celebration of the cultural, political, and socio-economic achievements of women. 
So why is Cravat Club, a luxury men's silk accessories brand, making a point of this? Well, if you didn't know already, this company is actually female-led, and in honour of International Women's Day we'd like to introduce you to the woman behind the operation  - creator, director and owner, Jennifer Lane. 
Cravat Club Director Jennifer Lane 
Jenny enjoying a freddo espresso in Santorini.

Female-Led, Male-Focused

Cravat Club was established back in 2014, with Jenny cultivating and developing the brand to fulfil a need in the market. By this point, Jenny had spent most of her twenties in Japan, and she couldn't help but notice that while Japanese fashion was incredible, it seemed a lot easier for women to play with fashion and colour. She felt there was a gap in the market, one that could give men the same opportunity to express themselves through what they wear. She wanted to offer men variety in their wardrobe and encourage them to develop their own unique style.

With the help of Cravat Club's extensive range of luxury silk accessories, she encouraged men to be more experimental and interesting in their fashion choices. Since then, through the determination of one woman, Cravat Club has grown and grown, selling to customers in over 70 countries across 6 continents. Even familiar faces such as Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman and the late Professor Stephen Hawking have worn Cravat Club's silk cravats.


Multi-faceted, Multi-skilled

International Women's Day Cravat Club director owner Jennifer LaneJenny styling her model on a Cravat Club photo shoot. 

Jenny wears many hats at Cravat Club HQ. Apart from the day-to-day running of the business, she deals with everything that goes on in the back office - stock control, developing and managing the website, creating new collections, liasing with designers and silk mills, running the social media and advertising, managing accounts and controlling the budget. Alongside this, she also arranges photo shoots for each season, acting as director and stylist, and often photographer and editor. All the decisions, whether creative or business, are all hers.

Were this not enough, she also runs another business - Hidden Curiosities Gin. Already a huge fan of craft gin, she sampled over 100 different gins in her research, trying to find the perfect botanical balance. She dedicated her time and passion to developing a unique recipe with a very distinctive character. At the end of this long creative journey, Hidden Curiosities Gin was born.

Since then, Hidden Curiosities has gained favour and won awards across the the gin world, featuring on the menu at Michelin Star restaurants, in top London bars and gin palaces, and at renowned stockists. Her recipes have consistently received overwhelmingly positive reviews from prominent gin bloggers and the drinks industry.

Cravat Club Director Jennifer Lane Photo Shoot Jenny acting as director (and traffic look out) for a Cravat Club photo shoot. 


Style-Conscious Self-Expression  

International Women's Day Cravat Club Director Jennifer Lane

 Jenny exhibiting both her businesses at Goodwood Revival.

It's no secret that Jenny is a fan of playful colours and prints, and her individual style is reflected in Cravat Club's eye-catching designs. Jenny believes that the way you dress is a form of self-expression and creativity; why stick to boring colours and patterns? She believes we can be more adventurous with our outfits, and make our style our own, regardless of age or gender.

Cravat Club's eye-catching designs reflect Jenny's curiosity and imagination. Being a little more adventurous with your outfit, even if it means just changing one thing, can do wonders; life is short, so test your boundaries and live a little!

Jenny says, "In my experience, gentlemen, especially in the UK, have always opted for 'safe' colours and articles of clothing. Many haven't given their wardrobe real thought, and have simply conformed to the obvious. I think people can overlook how important dress and style is, and how it can make you feel. It can ignite a conversation, and might even get you better noticed on dating apps, in the street or at parties. A simple change can make all the difference.”

"There's no harm in injecting a bit of colour and variety into your day-to-day outfits, and cravats, pocket squares and scarves are the perfect accessories to do this. Wearing distinctive clothing is a strength, not something to fear, and can really show off a side of your personality"


British-Made, Japanese-Influenced

 Cravat Club director Jenny International Women's Day Japan

Touring Miyajima Island, Hiroshima.

You may have noticed a lot of Japanese designs cropping up in Cravat Club's collections. Jenny spent several years living and working in Japan, is now fluent in Japanese, and since moving back to the UK, often returns to Japan to see family and friends.

Japan has been a big part of Jenny's life since she was a child. Her father frequently went on business trips bringing back unique and marvellous Japanese gifts - the love of colour, design, and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into Japanese products has stayed with her ever since.    

Learning the Japanese language and gaining a deeper understanding of the culture have been an integral part of who she is today. It has helped to form her character; a hardworking, meticulous perfectionist with a desire to do well in anything she puts her mind to. 

Cravat Club Director Jennifer Lane International Women's DayExhibiting at Goodwood Revival.

We think Jenny's influence on fashion and men's style is more than a good enough reason to celebrate International Women's Day. and proof that with an idea and some determination, there is nothing you cannot do.


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