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AW21: Printed Silk Collection

Great news! Our long-awaited AW21 Printed Silk Collection is here! 

Cravat Club AW21 Printed Silk Collection

We're very excited to present our brand new collection of printed silk cravats and ascot ties for Autumn/Winter 2021. This collection features a kaleidoscope of hues, including cerulean and denim blues, peach and orange sorbets, pastel purples and pinks, spicy reds, earthy browns and cool greys to ensure your style is impeccable this autumn and winter.

Our fast-selling Japanese dragon print is back in no less than 3 fresh new cravat colourways, along with our wild animal and far east prints. And let's not forget our ever-popular paisleys, florals and geometric patterns in a whole host of colours. There's a lot to choose from - with 21 different styles you're sure to find the perfect piece.

Cravat Club AW21 Printed Silk Collection

As we move into cooler weather, these warm and inviting shades from our collection will help your style move from the last days of summer into the stylish autumn and winter months. These cravats are 36oz premium printed silk, specially treated for an ultra soft finish - incredibly comfortable against your skin and entirely breathable, yet will keep you cosy and warm when the weather is more bracing. Perfect for wearing with tweed, a woollen suit, or a stylish shirt, this collection will really help your personal style shine.

Cravat Club AW21 PRinted Silk Collection Ascot Ties

Our premium silk cravats and ascot ties are designed to make you feel smart, stylish, and totally at home in your surroundings.

Take a look at some of our personal favourites below... 

Taio Cravat

Taio Blue Pink Oriental Chinese Style Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Taio Blue Pink Orange Oriental Style Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

Soft Denim with Orchid Pink, Army Green, Coffee & Sky Blue Oriental Style Pattern


Cresento Cravat 

Cresento red blue yellow floral silk cravat

Cresento floral cravat ascot tie

Fiery Red with Cerulean Blue, Orange Sherbet, Thunder Grey & Creamy Yellow Botanical Pattern


Kazuki Cravat 

Kazuki Red Japanese cherry blossom printed silk cravat

Kazuki red cherry blossom printed silk cravat
Burgundy Red with Pale Hinoki & Pumpkin Japanese Cherry Blossom Pattern

Vangelis pink peach paisley printed silk cravat Vangelis peach pink paisley printed silk cravat

Peach Sorbet with Soft Violet, Sunset Yellow, Cloud Grey & Vanilla Cream Paisley Pattern


 Watatsumi Cravat

Watatsumi japanese dragon printed silk cravat

Watatsumi Japanese dragon printed silk cravat
Olive Brown with Raspberry, Soft Violet, Pastel Orange, Vanilla and White Japanese Dragon Print


Eugene Blue geometric printed silk cravat
Eugene Geometric Printed Silk Ascot Tie
Japanese Denim Blue with Spice Red, Khaki, Sand & White Geometric Circle Pattern
Hyo pink Leopard Print Silk cravat ascot tie
Hyo pink leopard printed silk cravat ascot tie
Pastel Pink with Tangerine Orange & Brown-Black Leopard Print
Hinsaru Tiger Print Cravat
Hinsaru Brown Orange Tiger Print Cravat
Coffee Cream with Vibrant Orange & Brown-Black Tigers
Phoenix blue red paisley printed silk cravat
Blue Red Paisley Printed Silk Cravat
Cerulean Blue with Brick Red, Sand & Sunglow Yellow Paisley Pattern

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