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Tales of the Far East - Japanese Prints for Summer

Japanese designs cranes dragons koi carp cravat club ascot ties

The mysticism of the Far East meets bright colours and pastel hues for the summer in Cravat Club’s new Spring/Summer collection. The art and palettes of Japan have been a huge influence on Cravat Club’s design ethos from the beginning, and we're going further than ever before to marry up our love of classic European tailoring and elegant Japanese styling. 

In this collection you’ll find bold colours, subtle pastels, classic Japanese motifs and striking patterns, all ready for matching your favourite suit, shirt or jacket.

The Determined Koi Carp

Kenji Red Orange White Koi Carp Silk Cravat For MenKenji Silk Cravat

A symbol of strength, perseverance and dedication, the beautiful koi carp has a long history as an ornamental fish, and is among the most revered in the world. You may have seen them in ponds in botanical gardens and stately homes, as the colourful nishikigoi variety has been imported by enthusiasts for many years.

Once bred in ponds next to rice fields as a food fish, the more colourful variants were selectively bred for ornamental purposes, and gained popularity for their gorgeous appearance. Indeed, in China all carp are said to be descended from a single black fish, given to Confucius on the occasion of his son’s birth. In Japanese culture, carp are said to be able to conquer waterfalls, hinting at their symbolic bravery, perseverance and strength of character.

Koi’s famous colour variations are a popular theme in the art of Asia. Different colours of koi are said to have slightly different symbolic meanings in Japan, with each colour variant having different qualities - 

Kohaku – a white body with red spots symbolises success at work and in business

Kumonryu - a white body and black spots, or an all-black fish, symbolises life's transformations and changes.

Ogon – a silver coloured body represents wealth and success in life’s challenges

Kuchibeni - a white and red patterned koi with red around its mouth symbolises good luck in love and long lasting relationships.

Yamabuki – a gold coloured body represents wealth and stability.

Our new SS22 designs feature koi in two guises for which they are well known - peacefully swimming in still waters, and competing against raging waves at a waterfall’s tumultuous edge.

Hinata Japanese Koi Carp Silk Cravat Ascot Tie For Men

The Patient Tsuru

Hiroto Grey Pink Blue Japanese Tsuru Cranes Silk Ascot Tie CravatHiroto Silk Cravat

The Japanese crane, or tsuru, is deeply entwined into the mythology of Japan, and has the status of a national symbol. Said to live for a thousand years, the bird is a symbol of longevity and of peace, and is depicted as such throughout art and literature.

The crane is a popular motif in the art of origami, being one of the simplest and most recognisable shapes to form. The tradition of folding 1,000 cranes - senzabaru - exists to this day, with the inference being that you too will live for a thousand years, as the cranes are said to. Origami is the perfect artform to showcase the qualities of this mysterious bird; delicate, lighter than air, but with incredible powers of rejuvenation.

The new Cravat Club designs feature glorious cranes in flight, echoing old Japanese calligraphy and wood cuttings, and feature a stunning range of candy and pastel shades. They’re the perfect thing to add some elegance and lightness to your ensemble, and to demonstrate your stylistic refinement.

Kouki Black Lemon Yuzu Japanese Cranes Printed silk Cravat

Kouki Silk Cravat


The All-Powerful Dragon

GOKO Grey Red Blue Japanese Dragon Design Printed Silk Ascot Tie Cravat


Dragons are complex creatures in Japanese myth. Neither the terrifying beasts of European stories, nor the lucky omens of Chinese myth, Japanese dragons play many roles, and lie somewhere in between.

For instance, the terrifying eight-headed dragon Orochi, slain by the god Susanoo after terrorising the local people. The legend says Susanoo built a wall around the village with eight openings, leaving a barrel of sake at each one. As the terrifying beast Orochi drank, Susanoo cut off the dragon’s heads one-by-one, the now drunken beast unable to defend himself. After an almighty battle, the god eventually slays the dragon, saving the village and its people.

There is also Ryujin, also known as Watasumi, the ruler of the seas. Said to live at the bottom of the ocean and control the tides, he is also said to take to dry land, taking human form. Myth claims him to be the ancestor of Japan’s first emperor, and as such is a central figure of the country’s mythology. With the sea playing such a pivotal role in the history of this island nation, this aligns perfectly with reality.

The dragon motif is used in many places across our Spring/Summer collection, often in striking and vibrant shades, playing on the power and the mischief of these fantastical creatures. 

Seiryu Japanese Design Silk Cravat for Men


The Japanese motifs in our SS22 collection are designed to give you playful, elegant and refined silk accessories, perfect for adding some interest to a simple outfit. Pair a silk cravat or pocket square with a nice suit, a good-quality shirt or even a leather jacket for a look that will never let you down. Cravat Club only ever uses 100% Grade-A silk, and all our ascots, ties, and handkerchiefs are handmade here in England. Browse our collection now, and add a little Eastern flair to your summer wardrobe.

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