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Act Your Age

Ageing gracefully, that most elusive of qualities. It’s easy to spot when people don’t pull it off, or try just a little too hard. But you are not going to be that person. Not with our help. Our silk accessories are versatile enough to suit the man of style of all ages, but there are simple guidelines you can follow, simply as a starting point. Remember that you are the secret ingredient, and as ever, the rules are made to be broken. Here are our suggestions for how to wear a cravat during the three stages of adulthood.


Young Buck

Cravat Club Model Wearing Cassian Red Woven Silk Cravat Menswear Style Fashion

Now, young blood, is the time to experiment. You can afford to try different things, play around with colour, mismatch items. You are in your prime. So go forth and be sexy! You can afford to wear them in a more relaxed way - your neck more open, your pocket more loosely stuffed, your colours brighter in tone. Perhaps try something with some pastel colour in it, such as the purplish Harry, or the floral Haru. If you really want to channel that 50s greaser vibe, even the skulls of our Rampage cravat could be carried off with confidence. Something graphic in your pocket can work really well too, perhaps our Shishimai handkerchief, or one from our Navigator series. Don’t be afraid to stand out and express yourself.


Man of Means

Cravat Club model wearing DARA geometric woven silk cravat

No need for flash in this bracket. You got all this attention seeking out of your system a long time ago. Now you’re comfortable in your own skin, and you know what you like. Now is the time for the classic patterns and the classic fits. Of course it takes a certain robustness and confidence to carry it off, but no time like the present! You could try a classic paisley pattern, such as our Devendra, or maybe something more understated, such as the stylish polka dots on our Nazario. A pocket square can be your friend here too - a pop of colour such as our Sylvester, or a classic pattern such as our Xavier.  Remember less is more here, think classic and discreet. Real confidence doesn’t have to shout.



Elder Statesman

Cravat Club Grey Fox Wearing Our Hidden Curiosities VIII Printed Silk Evening Scarf Macallan Whisky London Hotel

People look up to you, they look to you for wisdom and advice. You know yourself. You may be surprised to see quite how many options you have. You can go classic in your palate, or you can ramp up the colour, because you are at this point simply past the opinions of sheep. Natural gravitas is what you’re trying to project here. Maybe try something classic and masculine, such as the black and gold of our Rueben, or for something more adventurous, the subtle pastel wave of our Raiden. A silk scarf can look incredibly debonair on an older gent; perhaps try something bright such as the Hidden Curiosities VIII, let the colour work for you. You can afford to be as bold as you dare.


Ultimately confidence is style, and style is confidence, so don’t let us bully you into something that you don’t feel right in. Let your outfit match your bearing and cut a dash, wherever you may be on life’s mileometer. All of these are simply ways to express your own personality, and we believe style is more than a number.


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